1. public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy

I really need to confess that advocating for fussy eaters is a new concept for me. Advocating for anyone is a new concept for me. For the longest time I hid (as much as I could) my son's fussy eating because of shame, because of guilt, because of fear. Then I wrote the book and while it is an act of advocacy in and of itself I still didn't feel that I was completely ready to be an advocate for fussy eaters, because of shame, because of guilt, because of fear.

But then I went looking for other people who were doing similar work, shedding light onto this issue and I found this awesome blog post at Mealtime Hostage. I realized that one day my son is going to be grown up and may possibly have a girlfriend (eek!) and how will she and her family see his fussy eating? Will they respect his rights to make his own choices around food? Or will they shame him and make him feel bad for his limited diet? Oh, my heart!

Of course, I cannot protect him from every ignorant soul with a strong opinion, but maybe I owe it to him and to myself to learn how to speak up, to stop feeling shame and guilt and fear. Or at the very least to stop bowing before them.

This is a work in progress. Time will tell how well I learn to be an advocate for this cause. If you have a heart for advocacy and know of some practical resources for parents of fussy eaters and you're willing to share them, then please let us all know.

Otherwise, watch this space...