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Hi, I'm Shannon Thiry. I'm the mother of an extremely fussy eater. Maybe you are too?
I have experienced a ton of angst and frustration over my child's feeding issues.
So much so that I decided to write a book about it.
I hope this site will support you in your journey towards mealtime peace...
whatever that looks like for you.

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What I offer on this site
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Were you expecting feeding your child to be this difficult? Me, neither! But I've learnt a ton about fussy eating and if you have questions, I just might have some answers. 
Spoiler Alert: It's not your fault.

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Wouldn't it be nice if more people understood the struggles we face as parents of extremely fussy eaters? But how will they know unless we are willing to be brave and show them the truth.

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Are you tired of trying to do this on your own? Me, too! I can't fix your child's fussy eating but I can offer you encouragement and support while you look for answers and find the help that you need. 

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Get the book

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If you're the parent of an extremely fussy eater, you need to know that you're okay. That your child is okay. That you can breathe.

I know it's hard. I'm on your side.

I've been there. And because I didn't find the book I wanted to read - the book that not only validated my experiences, but gave me hope and assured my fears - I wrote it. 

This book is for parents of extremely fussy eaters. It comes with my love, with my assurance, and my prayers that you'll get through.